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Monday, April 23, 2018

Goose Watch - New Residents at Work

There has been an increase in the frequency of goose encounters at work this week. Apparently I come in to early to be noticed but the QA that comes in about half an hour later has been hissed at and several others have actually been chased by this goose. Geese are pretty aggressive birds to begin with but why has this one taken to defending the front door of the building?

Because he and his mate decided that this would be an excellent location for a nest. The next month or so should prove to be very interesting at work.

I can see how predators might have a tough time getting to this nest. Not quite sure how its going to work out for the goslings once they are hatched.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Museum Visit - Colorado Railroad Museum

If you are longtime reader you know that this is one of my favorite museums in the area to go to. Its definitely a love hate relationship though. I took my wife for her first visit and was pretty excited as I hadn't been there since the Goosefest in 2012. That was also the year the museum had acquire C&N #30 (C&S #74 and RGS #74). It had been determined that she could not be returned to operating condition without replacing like 90% of the parts, although I would certainly love to see her run again. So I was quite excited to get to see her again.

The museum has gone through a lot of changes since 2012 and most of them for the good. The issue I have is that they restore a piece of equipment and then don't seem to be willing to follow up with regular maintenance. C&N #30 is a good case in point. Check out the photo I took in 2012 and see how she looks six years later in 2018. I'm a bit put out by that. I see it happening in a number of places around the museum grounds. Equipment that a lot of time and money was spent restoring, now just weathering away in the harsh Colorado sun.

But there are good things happening as well and the roundhouse was full of equipment that was going through restoration. The one locomotive I was looking for, RGS #20, was not to be found though. Apparently it has been sent back to Strasburg, PA for restoration to operating condition. It has been a long project but it seems it might be coming home sometime in 2018. We shall see. Currently #318 is sitting in the spot where I expected to find #20.

I couldn't really get to the geese that day, they were outside at the roundhouse but in a fenced off zone. So no really good pictures there. Still it was a good time and my wife enjoyed it which is always a plus.

Part of this trip was to try out the new camera and get ready for a vacation coming up that includes a couple of museums that I'm really looking forward to seeing. More on that at a later date. Here are some pictures from the visit though.
C&N #30 in 2012
Looking pretty out of sorts from this angle. What ever covering they have put over the boiler i looking decidedly out of place

The logo is rapidly disappearing and the paint is peeling away in a fairly straight line.

I don't think I have ever seen paint peel away quite like this. I would guess that the surface wasn't properly prepared for the new paint.

She was looking pretty good from this angle

At least she still has the steam chests still tilted out instead of in like her two sister 2-8-0s
Here is a look at the rest of the museum:
The Garden Railroads, both electric and live steam. There is a lot of bridges crossing that stream! I love the use of pine trees but that has to be a lot of work.

And now for the real thing:

And a little bit of rolling stock
The inside of the standard gauge UP dining car

C&S 1009 was running behind the small train that was operating that day

I think RICO was repainted in 2011 or 2012, she is in desperate need of a new coat of paint at this point.

A few random elements

A pretty good Saturday all told.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Green Bay Packers - 100 Seasons

100 Seasons of the Green Bay Packers

Ten decades have passed since the Green Bay Packers were first organized at a meeting in downtown Green Bay. Since that August day in 1919, the team's enduring success has become one of the greatest stories in sports history.

Over the course of 100 years, the franchise has given fans plenty to celebrate, with 13 world championships, 25 Pro Football Hall of Famers and beloved home, Lambeau Field. As the team embarks on its centennial season in 2018, the Packers are inviting fans to join the team in recognizing this historic milestone with "100 Seasons".

A century in the making, 100 Season sis the epic, 16-month celebration of the Packers' rich history, which will be capped by the franchise's 100th birthday on Aug 11, 2019. A wide variety of events and activities will kick off over the next several months, with fans and community members invited to join the numerous festivities.

Obviously that's the organizations blurb, but as an owner and a lifetime fan I'm pretty excited!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Dog's Life

Phoebe about six months. Classic Pyrenees helmet head

Lani (Khalani) asking when Phoebe is going back

Phoebe claiming the loveseat as her own. About 10 months old, still has the fuzzy puppy ears

Phoebe a 14 months, quite the ham. About as tall as she will get, but will start filling out now, is still that rangy young dog.

Phoebe on rabbit watch. Stands about 5'6" now.

Lani in isolation (caught in the act here, that bench was up against the wall), trying to show remorse.

And the breakout, that bench weighs about 70# she forced it back from the wall with her muzzle

Watching for squirrels. Lani stands a bit taller than Phoebe in this picture, but Phoebe has now passed her up a bit.